What are you going to see here?  Food…. delicious and nutritious food.  You won’t see any dishes made with meat, but you can add meat to anything that we have created and still get all the benefit of our food.  I actually do eat salmon and I love eggs, so our food is not all vegan, or vegetarian, but it is often raw, and offers a variety of health benefits.  Gluten free–everything here will always be gluten free.

Gluten free, plant based and raw has been the eating plan that I have had since 2008.  At that time, I became fascinated by the concept of live food with nutrition and enzymes, juicing, nuts, fruits and seeds. I loved making fresh salads dressings and soups, desserts with fruits and chocolate. I don’t feel deprived anymore…my mantra is “It is all about the food that is good for my body–what is going to nourish and sustain me, not just entertain me.”

     In May of 2009, I created a twitter page, @greenschemetv, to focus on my healthy lifestyle and eating gluten free.  Over the past six years, I have posted over 21,000 tweets about healthy foods and raw and gluten free recipes.  It has been a delightful journey, and have found that my diet is much healthier now.  Over these six years, I met many interesting and like-minded people who have inspired me to move into the next stage, and this is it.

Thanks for stopping to see what we have going on!   Here, we plan to share things that we are passionate about that encompass our own green scheme.  This includes not only healthy eating and love of nature, but our efforts to reduce, recycle and reuse.   We will create and share a variety of projects which include, food, DIY design, crafts,  and healthy natural beauty and bath products.   Most of all, we hope to have fun, connect and remember to be grateful that we get to spend this time being creative in furtherance of good health.



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Author:  Barbara Gilbert

Updated:  September 2018