Fabulous Mantle Wall Decor

Fabulous Mantle Wall Decor

You too can have fabulous mantle wall decor on a budget.  The overall theme of this website is green, and in addition to healthy food, we also focus on decor on a budget by recycling, reusing and re-purposing.
Do you know what is more fun than anything else?  Spending the day at Goodwill, thrift shops, flea markets, looking for bargains, and cool stuff.  I always find a treasure trove at these stores–someone else’s rejects can find a new home and purpose in my decorating.  When you shop at bargain stores like this, you can afford to mix it up and change it up as often as you are in the mood.  Here, I have a fireplace with a large wall above it that I wanted to dress up and make it the focal point in the room.  For about $50, I got this bright, colorful, vibrant look that I love.  Using the template for ideas, you too, can create something that you love.

There are some basic principles that I adhere to when planning a wall or shelf display.  I have attached a template that you can use to see what I used for my wall/mantle display.

1. Try and plan for items in odd numbers, 3,5, 7, etc. Here, I have 11 items on the shelf.  A tall glass milk bottle with artificial flowers in the center, and 5 varying height items on each side.

2.  Pick a focal item that has the colors that you want to plan your display or wall around.  Here, I chose the prints as the focal items, and that gave me many options for colors.  I love the orange, blue, gold and tan.

3.  Select items that have varying heights to give your wall, display or shelf more interest.  Here, I have the glass bottle with flowers in the center, and it is the tallest item, 22″.   I have items ranging in height from 14.5″, the tallest candle/candle holder to 2.5″, the tiny star candle holder to the left and the right of the center glass bottle.

4.  Plants, plants, and more plants.  Always include some green in your display or shelf, whether they are real or artificial, plants give decor life.

5.  Remember, you can’t go wrong.  If you love it, that is all that matters.