Effortless Weight Loss With A Vegan Diet

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Yes, I know, the title promises a lot.  Diets are usually, painful and restrictive, and regardless of what you eat, you might always feel deprived.  It might be real, or it might just be a result of using the word “diet” for your eating plan.  Regardless of why, to sustain any weight loss, you have to have a program that you can actually live with, and implement as a lifelong change, and not just a temporary forced program.  Adopting a vegan diet and lifestyle is an opportunity to embrace a weight loss program that won’t feel painful, restrictive or leave your feeling deprived.  Believe it or not, the food is actually good, and good for you.

The Vegan Weight Loss Bundle

If you are transitioning to a vegan diet with a focus on weight loss, you may need some guidance to make your program as successful as possible.  This Vegan Weight Loss Bundle includes an informational e-book, 30 delicious recipes, a meal plan with shopping list and planning worksheets to give you the greatest chance of succeeding in your efforts to achieve your weight loss goals.

The food is actually delicious!  How does Quinoa Salad or Black Bean Brownies sound?  These are just two of the many nutrient dense recipes that are offered in this weight loss program.  Are you ready to make some changes and not feel deprived?


Effortless Weight Loss With Vegan Diet

Everyone who has attempted a weight loss program knows the downsides of “dieting”.  Calorie counting, being hungry, feeling deprived, and burdened with limitations.  Any weight loss accomplishments are not sustainable if you don’t have a life long eating plan, and not just a temporary diet plan.  Make a plan for life.

Vegan Weight Loss Bundle


Start Today

  If you are just starting out with a vegan diet, and want more information, education, recipes and resources, you might want to check out the A To Vegan Starter Guide.  That guide provides you with an abundance of information, recipes, meal plans and other helpful goodies.