Detox Salad Bowl

Detox Salad Bowl.  A detox bowl is full of healthy goodness, and offers many options for combinations.  The best part is, every bowl that you make can be delicious as well.  My detox bowls feature as many vegetables as I have, protein with beans, fiber with brown rice and quinoa, fruits, a fermented vegetable and a sea vegetable.  This bowl has brown rice and quinoa, grilled red and yellow peppers, cucumbers, maple glazed beets, sun dried tomatoes, bean sprouts, green onions, sauerkraut, a few slices of mango and sprinkled with dulse flakes.  So much goodness, nutrition and flavor with this combination.  Add your favorite dressing, or you may find that the flavors are enough just like they are.  Toss the salad into a jar, and take it on the go and serve with your favorite green juice!  Vegan, gluten free, dairy free.

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Macro Bowl With Lemon Garlic Creme

Macro Bowl  With Lemon Garlic Creme.  At the risk of completely repeating myself every time I post a recipe for a macro bowl, I like to explain the wonders of macro bowls.

A macrobiotic bowl  features grains, fermented food, and sea vegetables. I have created other recipes for macro bowls, as they are perfect dishes to experiment with different combinations.

What is macrobiotic, and why do I want to eat that way?  Generally speaking a macrobiotic diet involves eating primarily a plant based diet and combination of nutrients to obtain a yin-yang energy balance in the body.  I love these bowls, and definitely feel better after I eat one. You can mix it up according to your preferences, but this bowl includes some yummy choices. This dish is vegan, gluten free and dairy free.

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Sheet Pan Veggie Meal Prep

Sheet Pan Veggie Meal Prep.  I have never really been diligent at meal prep.I often grill vegetables in bulk, and add them to different dishes randomly.  I also will make salad dressings or creme sauces and use them throughout the week.  Neither of these practices actually qualifies as official meal prep.  This week, I was more deliberate in planning–I wanted a delicious lunch for five days, and set out to do that.  The result was very weird.

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