Sweet Fig Dip

Sweet Fig Dip. Summer is in full swing, and for 4th of July week, we are whipping up new outdoor snacks and appetizers this week. To entertain your crowd, you can put together an appetizer board with delicious dips made with fresh vegetables and fruits.  This sweet fig dip is served with fresh fruits, including watermelon, pineapple and strawberries or you can spread it on fresh bread.  Simple, sweet and creamy, this dip is vegan, gluten free and dairy free.

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Super Alkaline Cherry Smoothie

Super Alkaline Cherry Smoothie.  Cherries are in season, so it is time to make all the deliciousness possible with these beautiful red fruits.  To make the smoothie as nutritious as possible, I look to the list of alkaline foods, and choose several to enhance the cherries.  Adding almond milk, kiwi, cashews, fresh grown kale, beets and almond milk, I then mix up some magic.  Try it!  Vegan, gluten free and diary free.

I used the fresh kale that I grew in my patio garden in this smoothie. If you want to grow your own organic vegetables and herbs on your patio like I do, check out my organic patio garden here.

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Breakfast Quinoa With Papaya Creme

Breakfast Quinoa is a bowl full of goodness to start your day!  When you cook the quinoa in the Instant Pot, it is ready in 15 minutes.  Add your fruit, (either raw or cooked), top with papaya creme, and you will not believe how healthy and delicious your breakfast will be.  Vegan, gluten free, dairy free.

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Spring Vegetable Salad With Hot Peanut Dressing

Spring Vegetable Salad With Hot Peanut Dressing features all of the colors of the rainbow and all the fresh produce of the season.  Combining zucchini, red peppers, leeks, carrots, tomatoes and mango makes for a beautiful and delicious salad.   When you put these on a bed of fresh greens, and drizzle hot peanut dressing, suddenly salad is sassy.  Vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and ready in less than 30 minutes.

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