Jamaican Jackfruit With Quinoa

Jamaican Jackfruit With Quinoa. Jackfruit is a perfect meat substitute that gives a recipe flavor and substance.  This Jamaican combo with sweet potatoes, pineapple and banana is sweet and delicious and is ready in under thirty minutes.  Vegan, gluten free and dairy free.

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Creamy Cajun Mushroom Pasta

Creamy Cajun Mushroom Pasta.  This dish is one of my favorites–great spicy flavor, and so, so easy to make. Just saute vegetables, blend garlic cashew cream and add to cooked pasta.  This delicious garlic cashew cream makes every recipe better!  If you use lentil pasta as I did, you will have additional protein with every serving in addition to the vitamins and minerals from the vegetables.  Good, and good for you.  Vegan, gluten free and dairy free and ready in less than 30 minutes.

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Kale Breakfast Bowl With Rice And Beans

Kale Breakfast Bowl With Rice And Beans.  Breakfast is perfect for any meal– breakfast, lunch, dinner or midnight.  This vegetarian breakfast bowl is absolutely delicious, and packed with fiber, protein and vitamins.  Vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free. Vegan option – omit eggs.

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