Lentil Pasta With Roasted Vegetables & Jalapeno Cream

Lentil Pasta With Roasted Vegetables & Jalapeno Cream has amazing flavor and is also,  filling and nutritious.   I have recently been introduced to lentil pasta, and was pleased to find out that the lentil pasta has 13 grams of protein which is great for a vegetarian or vegan diet.  The roasted vegetables have vitamins and minerals, the jalapeno cream brings the kick, and the whole dish is dressed up with toasted pistachios and sweet cranberries.  This recipe is perfect for dinner, lunch and is great for left-overs.   Vegan, gluten free and dairy free.

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Chocolate Avocado Pudding

Chocolate Avocado Pudding. 3 ingredients, and 5 minutes!  You only need avocados, maple syrup, cacao powder and a few minutes to spare to treat yourself to a sweet, smooth chocolate dessert.  This dessert  is actually healthy and not full of artificial ingredients….what a bonus! Vegan, gluten free and dairy free.

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Cauliflower Wings

Cauliflower Wings are the ultimate snack, appetizer, side dish, or maybe even meal.  Seriously, I never understood the appeal of chicken wings–they don’t even have that much meat on them and it is a lot of work to get that meat.  These wings however, are plump, juicy, seasoned to perfection and, you can eat the whole  thing!  Healthy, yummy and so addictive.  Vegan, gluten free and dairy free.

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Sweet Potato Apple Bake

Sweet Potato Apple Bake-For those of us who have been celebrating holidays for decades and making the food that is the center of the celebration, we have a basic drill that we go through, and usually prepare the same dishes each year. In some ways, the fact that the menu is predictable and set, is something that everyone looks forward to. As the years have gone by, we have focused more on healthy eating by choice, and of course, a gluten free diet by necessity. My mother’s sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving and Christmas were canned, loaded with butter and brown sugar, and amazing. I have used fresh sweet potatoes myself for many years, cut down on fat and sugar and have been very pleased with our sweet potato side dish.

Honestly, I didn’t really think that there were many variations on basic sweet potatoes, but oh, was I wrong. This sweet potato dish with apples, dates and topped with maple glazed pecans is not your mother’s sweet potato side dish. It is so delicious, it could almost be your holiday dessert. Vegan, gluten free and diary free.

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