Chai Chia Berry Pudding Bowl

I love chia for all of the benefits that it offers…fiber, antioxidants and protein to name a few.  I am always looking to create  great new combinations with chia seeds..  Today, it is Chai Chia Berry Pudding.  We already love chai when mixed with tea, so, why not include it in other recipes?  The result is that the pudding is completely smooth, and goes down like silk. Yum.  On a practical note, on occasion, I am not in the mood for the texture of chia seeds, so I ground them in the Vitamix with a dry grains container.  They are then powdery, and smooth and very pudding like.  Kids will never suspect that this is so healthy and good for them!

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Jackfruit Rice Tortilla Soup With Mango Salsa

Jackfruit Rice Tortilla Soup With Mango Salsa. It is cold, really cold.  And as much as I would like a nice green salad, I can’t resist some soup…some hot and hearty soup. Here it is, Jackfruit Rice Tortilla Soup &  Mango Salsa. Warm, comforting yet deliciously spicy.  This is vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and soul warming.

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Kale Enchilada With Persimmon & Salsa

Everyone loves Mexican food, but the challenge is to find a healthy, vegan version that is still delicious.  This Kale Enchilada With Persimmon recipe can be made with sautéed jackfruit and kale, or just as a mixed vegetable enchilada with persimmon and salsa.  The sweetness of the persimmon makes it sweet and the salsa adds the spice–a perfect combo!  Vegan, gluten free and dairy Free.

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Quinoa Potato Corn Scramble With Grilled Pepper Chile Sauce

This Quinoa Potato Corn Scramble with Grilled Pepper Chile Sauce is ready and on your table in 30 minutes.  The secret of this dish is that it is all about the sauce.  It doesn’t matter what vegetables you have on hand, this pepper chile sauce will dress up,  and spice up your scramble.  This recipe starts with ingredients  that every kitchen has on hand.  This includes potatoes, onions, garlic, corn and quinoa/rice.  These vegetables and grains are scrambled together and topped with homemade grilled pepper chile sauce. Dinner is done!

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